Gin clear waters of Iceland

Icelandic rivers are very special , the water is so clear that on the smaller rivers that you can almost count all salmon in the river. Hvannadalsa is one of those rivers , have the clearest water I have ever seen , you spot the salmon in long distance , you have to be very careful as salmon will see you as well. Hvannadalsa is one of those rivers where you learn how to live with salmon, coming close with out disturbing them. Fishing Hvannadalsa is more stalking / hunting than fishing … you choice a salmon carefully and you work on that fish until he takes , this kind of fishing helps you so much to become a better angler. You make mistakes .. but you see the mistakes you do and you learn from that. Hvannadalsa had a excellant season in 2010 , just at 500 salmon to 3 rods .. from 2011 Hvannadalsa will be a fly only river.

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