Friggi – Salmon Fly

One of Iceland’s best kept secret weapons in fly fishing is the “Friggi” fly. The fly which was created by Mr. Baldur Hermannsson is named after his late brother Mr. Friðrik Hermannsson but he had the nicknname: “Friggi”. He was the first one to try the fly with almost instant success.

The fly has so far mostly been used locally with excellent results. Just recently Mr. Arni Baldursson tried it at the river Dee with great success. He fished the Lower Crathes for a few days and fished very well using the fly exclusively, he even caught a whopping 24 pound salmon on the fly.

The fly is made in many color variants and many sizes, it is even made as a small micro cone. Mr. Baldur Hermannsson ties the flies himself ensuring top quality.

You can check out the Facebook page of the fly here: Friggi

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