Langadalsá is a wonderful, 4 rod, fly only river located in the amazing Westfjords. The river is just made for fly fishing, perfect pools and very few rapids. Langadalsá is an ideal choice for a small group of friends wishing to have sole use of a river and the self-catering lodge for a week. It is a perfect haven of peace and quiet which makes it one of our most sought after rivers. The average size of fish is quite impressive; around 9 lbs, but fish up to 20 lbs are seen each season. Note that all salmon over 70 cm must be realeased. This river is enigmatic, sometimes almost brooding as it wanders unruffled along its valley, the birch covering the nearby hills, the plentyful birdlife adding to the serene setting.

Number of salmons caught per year in river Langadalsa: 2007: 226- 2008: 369 – 2009: 363- 2010: 256 2011: 263 2012: 152 – 2013: 457 – 2014: ? – 2015: 244 

Arctic char is found in the lower pools of the river, often in great numbers. These fish range up to 4 or 5 lbs and are a terrific sport on light tackle. You’d never believe it, but they will take you into your backing before you have a chance to reel in the slack! A splendid idea is to visit the estuary at the low tide….or when the high tide is full, catch a few char and barbecue them. Have some salt and lemon pepper and wheel out the gas barbeque. You will hardly taste better fish than a fresh run arctic char.


2015-06-10 08.02.55 Location: Westfjords (350 km from Reykjavik)

Fishing season: June 21th to September 21st.

Prime time: July 10th to August 20th – Fly only periods

Average size of fish: 9 lbs. – All salmon over 70 cm must be realeased.

Guide: Can be arranged.

Lodge: Big and comfortable lodge with 8 twin rooms and sauna

Tackle: Single handed rods 9-10”, weight 7-9, floating line

Best flies: A fast current and clear waters, fairly small flies and small cone heads during early- and mid season – but larger/heavier tubes ( 1/4 – 1 inch) when water levels rise and temperatures fall. Black & Red Frances (sizes 14-18, also micro cones and ¼ – 1 inch tubes) Blue Charm (sizes 14 – 18) Green Butt (sizes 14-18, also micro cones and ¼ – 1 inch tubes) Black & Blue (sizes 14 – 18) SunRay Shadow (1 – 1½ inches) Hitch tubes

Maps: Langadalsa Map 1 ; Langadalsa Map 2

Fishing hours: June 12th to August 20th, 07:00 – 13:00 and 16:00 – 22:00 August 20th to August 31st 07:00 – 13:00 and 15:00 – 21:00

Le lodge est au bord de la rivière, il est spacieux et confortable et comprend 8 chambres. Le lodge est composé de 4 bâtiments reliés par une grande véranda. Nous avons un sauna au lodge. Il y a un bâtiment  avec 8 chambres doubles partageant deux salles de bains. Le salon / salle à manger et la cuisine se trouvent dans un autre bâtiment,  le sauna dans un autre et enfin les installations pour le matériel de pêche et le congélateur dans un autre.  

Directions: Le lodge est situé à Langidalur, à environ 46 km de Hólmavík,  depuis Hólmavík, prendre la route n ° 61 et suivre les panneaux en direction de Ísafjörður. Traverser ensuite Steingrímsfjarðarheiði jusqu’à  un panneau indiquant sur votre droite la route 635. Dépassez ce panneau et après quelques mètres se trouve une petite  aire de stationnement. Au virage prendre le chemin de terre qui mène à Langidalur. Apres 4 km, le lodge se trouve juste à côté de la rivière, à votre droite.