Fly Fishing Zen!

Bring a camera and you won’t catch anything worth a picture.

Bring a net and you won’t catch anything big enough to warrant its use.

Bring both and you guarantee a skunking.

Ever notice that when wearing waders, it is always very easy for them to leak, but not you?

Why is it that the urge to urinate occurs only after zipping, snapping and pulling everything on? Your casting will be flawless until you spot the fish of a lifetime, rising steadily.

The fishing was always better the week before you arrive.

The fishing will always improve the day after you leave.

No matter how many fly boxes stuffed in your vest, no matter how many flies stuffed in each box, you will never be able to match the hatch.

Anyone who thinks trees cannot move, has never seen a branch reach out and snag a backcast.

If all the flies in your boxes, save one, has had their barbs crushed down, guess which one you’ll stick in your thumb.

If all the flies in your boxes, save one, has had their barbs crushed down, guess which one will be on your tippet when the Conservation Officer selects you for the enforcement of the barbless regulation.

Why is that despite a Lifetime of collecting fly tying materials, you’re always short one item for a recipe?

Ever notice that the fly that caught so many fish for some guy last week, never works for you this week?

Right alter you’re finally able to scrape enough cash together to buy the rod of your dreams, the manufacturer will be replace it with an ever nicer model.

Never forget the Goldilocks rule for buying Spey lines –you will always buy one that’s too heavy, then one that’s too light, before buying the one that’s just right.

Your vest is always short one pocket.

Wind knots are Nature’s way of teaching you to slow down.

Tangles are nature’s way of teaching your patience.

Lost fish are Nature’s way of teaching your perseverance.

Don’t you wish Nature would find someone else to pester….I mean “teach”?

Anyone who brings a cellphone on the water, deserves to drop it.

The best fish of the day always hits in mid mend.

The quality of one’s casting is inversely proportional to the number of people watching.

Bring a guest you whish to impress to the “can’t miss” hole, and it will.

After tying and then fishing dozens of wonderful Atlantic salmon flies, you’ll finally hook your first salmon on an ESL (Egg Sucking Leech).

……..and lastly

Remember that one’s fishing can always be improved by buying another fishing rod.