Fishing in Iceland 2018

Dear friends,

Another season has passed and the fishing in Iceland was just over average this year. Some rivers were very good but others did not fare as well.  Two of our rivers were present on the top ten lists of the best salmon rivers in Iceland this season – River Blanda and East Ranga.

Bookings for 2018 are now in full force and time to plan the summer ahead.

We would especially like to point out that the East Ranga will be a very good choice in 2018, triple smolt release program will then come in full effect and catches should be hopefully double of this summer.

We have a few very exciting slots up for grabs:

East Ranga

July 4-10th. This is the a very exciting option for the big ones.

July 29th – August 5th. Absolute prime time!

August 28- September 5th. Good value choice!

Blanda beat 1

July 11-17th. Excellent choice for the natural salmon.


July 22-27th. Prime for fresh runs

August 5th – 10th. Absolute prime time.

We have many more exciting options for 2018. For more info – don’t hesitate to contact us

Tight Lines,
Johann David –