Final report Stora Laxa

According to our books, the final tally from Stora Laxa was 795 salmon – the highest number of salmon ever. Some salmon weren’t logged in the final days because the log book was full! But we have now gathered information on these remaining salmon and it seems we have a new record!
The summer was a little peculiar in Stora, July and much of August were rather slow – but late August and September were extremely good. A few groups that were there for only 2 days caught around – and over – 100 salmon.
We introduced a catch and release policy in Stora Laxa for the first time; on beats 1, 2 and 3 each angler can keep 1 grilse per day – but all salmon released on beat 4. Due to this, around 95% of those salmon were released back into the river – to strengthen the future stock.
This was our first year leasing the river and needless to say we are very happy with these results – especially the high percentage of released salmon.
We are looking forwards to many more years on the banks of this beautiful river – it’s a real gem.

Stora Laxa is ideal for smaller groups, looking for privacy and beautyful surroundings – and salmon of course.

Best regards

Lax-a Team