Few good 2 rod combinations available

Summer is nearer every day now though the snow is still surrounding big parts of Iceland and the fishing season finally starts around the corner or 1st April. There are few rods left for the season in our rivers but here are some great suggestions from noon-noon, for 2 anglers for the summer:

Blanda beat 3

Blanda beat 3, 9-12th July 1 rod, perfect for sharing between 2 anglers staying at Holahvarf lodge in full boarding and lodging.
The Blanda beat 3 holds 3 rods and is located up north. It is a beautiful river with big salmon.

West Ranga river

West Ranga, 11-14th July 2 rods or sharing 1 rod, staying at the full catering lodge on prime time at the highest catch statistics river in Iceland with guide and transportation. The West Ranga is only an hour away from Reykjavik and widely known for its catches. Last year that same week they caught 720 salmon!

East Ranga river

East Ranga, 20-24th August 2 rods or sharing 1 rod, staying at the full catering lodge on East Ranga with guide and transportation.
The East Ranga is situated just 10 minutes from West Ranga and often anglers enjoy a combination of both rivers. This river is also known for its high catches. The river produces bigger salmon every year and last year far most of the salmon caught were 2mws.

Leirvogsa river

Leirvogsa, 27-30th August 2 rods. Staying nearby self catering or at a hotel downtown Reykjavik. This is an extraordinary river holding only 2 rods exclusively to its 8km of fishing water to cover. The river is situated only 20 minutes from Reykjavik by car making it ideal as a combination or on its own while enjoying the best Reykjavik has to offer, such as great restaurants in the evening.

Stora Laxa beat 3

Stora Laxa beat 3, 27-30th August, sharing 1 rod for 2 anglers, staying at the self catering lodge at the river bank. This river is about 1 and half hour from the capital and is often spoken of as one of Icelands most beautiful rivers, with good reason. This part of the river is the mid part and holds only 2 rods exclusively and a private self catering lodge with jacussi overlooking the river.

For more information please contact info@lax-a.is or valgerdur@lax-a.is 

All my best,
Valgerdur Arnadottir