East Ranga – Stats from 2018!

The East Ranga river was good to her anglers this summer. The final catch from the river was 3960 salmon compared to 2143 in 2017, that is a whopping 84% increase in catch.

Overall the East Ranga came in second place in the country in most salmon caught, only the West Ranga barely toppled with 4032 salmon caught.

We are expecting good catches for next season also as our smolt release program has been almost tripled.

Below is a breakdown of the catches from East Ranga throughout the summer with catch numbers per week and average catch per rod per day.

WeekSalmon per weekSalmon per rod per day
4/7 -11/71301,2
1/8 -8/86355

As you can see the weeks from 1/8 -15/8 provided the best catch or around five salmon per rod per day. That is excellent salmon fishing!

We  still have a few good spots up for grabs in 2019, Johann David will be happy to assist you.

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