Dont fish last year

Working as an outfitter I get numerous questions. One of the most popular ones is about stats. How much did the river give last year, which weeks are the best and so forth?

Well i am all for stats and i understand that anglers want to go fishing in the best time possible. They invest a lot of time and money to pursue their hobby and of course they want the river to be full of fish.

Usually it is quite easy to answer questions about the best time to go fishing, we have records way back that tell us a certain story about the absolute best weeks in each river. But then again you have years which do not follow the formula. The good year of 2014 and now in 2016 are prime examples.  In those years the fishing got off to a flying start and June fishing was like prime time normally is. Prime time was on the other hand very slow in 2014 and slow in 2016.

But those years are the exception, i fully expect next year to be normal with the best fishing around mid-July. I predict that June will be good but not as good as this year and July will hopefully be much better.  So if you are trying to plan a trip for 2017, don’t plan fishing according to last year’s catch stats. Plan your fishing according to last ten – 15 years stats.

Tight Lines

Johann David –