Combo trip to the Stora Laxa in 2020!

The beautiful Stora Laxa is only around an hour and thirty minutes way from Reykjavik. The river is over 20 twenty kilometers from top to bottom and is divided in to four beats.

The lowest part of  the river is beat 1&2 which are sold together. In this part of the river it is easy going for the most part flowing lazily with grassy banks and excellent pools for the fly.

Beat 1&2 is a four rod beat and comes with a nice self catering lodge with five rooms.

Here is more info about beat 1&2 – Stora 1&2

In the middle of the river we have beat three which is a two rod beat. In beat three the landscape is getting a bit more rough with the river flowing in faster water with great pools in the tail of the fast water. Beat three has a self-catering lodge with two rooms.   Here is more info about beat 3 – Stora beat 3

The top beat is beat 4 and is by many considered one of the most beautiful salmon fishing beats you will ever find. In beat 4 the gin clear river flows through canyons and you can sometimes see the salmon in the current as you look from above. Beat 4 is a four rod beat and has a lodge with five rooms.

As the beats in Stora Laxa are very diverse it makes for an excellent trip to try two or more of the beats in a combo trip. The river is sold on a self-catering basis and is budget friendly compared to the full service rivers. All the lodges have all facilities, a good kitchen, bbq and a Jacuzzi outside.

We have now started booking the Stora Laxa for 2020.

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