Big fish season on the Rangas 2019 ….

There will be big fish on the Rangas next summer and lots of them specially in July, lots of smaller females missing 2018 , that normally means they will come as a two winter large salmon the following year 2019 ! Arni

Lower Yokanga last rod opening ….

Due to cancelation …Last rod available on the Lower Yokanga on the best week of the season 15th June to 22nd June , contact Arni at

East Ranga opening prime time ….

A great week on the East Ranga now available , 4 rods from noon the 14th July to noon the 20th July , contact Arni at

River Svarta – open weeks!

The Svarta is a gin clear tributary to the big and powerful Blanda. The river has four rods and a good self-catering lodge with five rooms. The river is perfect for a group of friends or large family who want to rent a private river, fish and have a wonderful time. for added variety we can also offer a combo …

River DEE Scotland ….

Now our beat Lower Crathes / West Durris on river DEE is at 25 Salmon for the month of February , that is the best February catch for us for some years. Going back to DEE after few days , getting excited again , rain coming and all looks great , I hope that we will have some nice pockets …

Leirvogsá – Great sea trout fishing!

Last spring we tried fishing the Leirvogsá for the first time for the sea run trout. We knew that the river had a good stock of the trout and wanted to know how  the spring fishing would go. Needless to say it was an astounding success! The lower pools of the river were full of sea trout and we got …

Many days, many rivers!

If you are looking at a diverse trip we have just the thing for you. We can offer a combo trip to the Asgard in river Sog and then Stora Laxa either one beat or more. The Sog Asgard is  a three rod beat in the river Sog which gave almost 300 salmon in 2018. The beat has a stunning …

Great week in Blanda 2!

Because of a late cancellation we can now offer a great week on Blanda beat two, July 7-13th. This is a prime week for when the big runs start in Blanda. Blanda beat two is an affordable beat sold with a self-catering accommodation. Full board and accommodation can be provided if need at the Hólahvarf lodge. Blanda beat two is …

Blanda beat 1 , one of the highest productive beat in Iceland ….

Blanda beat 1 is only a 4 rod beat , high volume fishing both for springers and summer salmon, as pr. catch pr. rod pr. day Blanda beat 1 is one of the very best salmon fishing available in Iceland … We have few rods open for 2019. Pictures from Raymond Plourde , Arni

River Svarta 2019

River Svarta is a gin clear four rod river in north Iceland. The river is a tributary to the Blanda river and so the salmon in Svarta have to navigate the powerful Blanda to get to the river. Svarta is therefore known for powerful and large salmon which provide a good fight for your money on a single handed rod. …