Asgardur Island beat , updated web page …

I just updated our web page for the finest Arctic Char , Brown Trout and Seatrout fishing in Iceland , Asgardur Island beat on the river Sog together with the wonderful Asgardur lodge as a accommodation , here is the info I hope you enjoy it… Contact Arni at Mobile +354 898 3601

Updated Asgardur Sog web page …..

We just updated our Asgardur Sog web page with fresh pictures and details enjoy Picture of Little Vala with daughter Matthilda at their favorite pool on Asgardur the Lady stone pool , here they aim at landing 5 salmon every morning , comfortable wading and easy casting , all floating lines and hitches. Arni Mobile +354 898 3601

River Sanda Iceland….

The Sanda river is one of these pristine beautiful rivers on the north coast of Iceland , these north east rivers have a very strong characters , gin clear fast water and plenty of it. This part of Iceland is famous for big fish, the lodges are all nice and comfortable and plenty of water to fish for every angler …

Kola river Russia 2022

Kola river – Russia 2022. We have a few rods open on the Kola river for the spring Salmon in June and early July , contact Arni at Mobile +354 898 3601

Geese shooting in Iceland 2022

Geese shooting 2022 , we do have two party open for next season 8th to 11th October and 24th to 27th October. We can provide excellent shooting for up to 8 guns. Contact Arni at Mobile +354 898 3601

Tanzania Trophy Tigers 2022 …..

Tanzania 5 – 12th November 2022 , we are doing this again! Proper African Safari for a week for Trophy Tigerfish, unique African wildlife experience with the biggest Tigerfish you can think of and every day photo safari on the river photographing the African wildlife. Real African Camp. We can be as many as 8 max anglers. dates are 5th …

Greenland 2022

A beautiful fishing week available in Greenland 12 to 19th July 2022. Great high season summer week with silver fresh Arctic Char rushing up the pristine rivers, expect to land 20 to 30 Arctic Char a day! Those keen on taking this Safari please contact Arni at Mobile +354 898 3601

2022 Spring Salmon in Iceland ….

Last week of June is the prime time in Iceland to catch the big springers and volume of them , we have 4 rods available now from 24th June to 30th June for Spring Salmon Safari in Iceland , contact Arni at Mobile +354 8983601

Kjarrá river Iceland 2022

Kjarra is a paradise for us Salmon anglers , we do have couple of rods mid june and a whole week 7 to 10th September , contact Arni at

Best gift ever for your loved ones…

Best gift ever for your loved ones… Sleeping under an Icelandic eiderdown duvet is just like sleeping under a warm cloud. Contact Arni at Mobile +354 898 3601 Eiderdown is the rarest and lightest insulation material of natural origin in the world. Sleeping with an eiderdown duvet is a warm, light and cozy experience. Eider down holds a significant …