Rare opening on Lakselv Norway

Prime week for the Lakselv Monsters , a full week is now available due to cancellation on the river Lakselv Olderö lodge / beat. Dates are 18-25th of August noon to noon , contact Arni at arnibald@lax-a.is Mobile +354 898 3601

Good slot in East Ranga next summer

Due to cancellation we can offer a good slot in East Ranga July 20-25th. This is in the beginning of prime time when the runs are starting to come in by the big numbers. The East Ranga gave close to 4000 salmon in 2018 but we expect even better catch in 2019. Tight Lines Johann David – jds@lax-a.is

Opening of River Dee 2019

River Dee opened on February second in awfully difficult conditions. Temperatures were below zero and parts of the river were covered with ice and the banks slippery. Needless to say no fish was caught on the opening day and anglers did not brave the elements for a long time. Time was better spent having a dram of Whisky indoors. In …

Spring fishing on the Blanda river ….

Spring fishing on the Blanda river beat 1 , exclusive to 4 rods , it is by far the best June spring fishing in Iceland, we have 2 rods open 10 – 16th June and 21st to 27th June another 2 rods , contact Arni at arnibald@lax-a.is Mobile +354 898 3601

East and West Ranga last openings …..

West Ranga just about to be fully booked for 2019 , this is what is available , but crazy good fishing days 13 – 16/7 3 rods and 2 rods 30/7 – 04/8 , both noon to noon. East Ranga have availability , 4 – 8th July , 13 – 19th July and 22 – 25th July , we could …

River Svarta

Prime week on the Svarta is now available , 4 rods exclusive river and lodge from 16th August to 22nd August , contact Arni at arnibald@lax-a.is

The remote Kjarra …

The totally wild and remote river , the beautiful Kjarra in the West Coast Highlands… there is one opening on Kjarra only for 2019 , contact Arni at arnibald@lax-a.is Mobile +354 898 3601

River Nordura Iceland , latest openings….

Nordura … the Queen of rivers as we local anglers call her ! Any way for sure it is one of the finest rivers of Iceland! There is still very few openings availabl for 2019 , please see below, 15-21.06 , 1 rod open. 30-06.07 , 2 rods open. 27-30.07 , 3 rods open. 02-05.08 , 4 rods open.  18-21.08 …

SCI Dallas Show …Adventures that you can take in Greenalnd and Iceland ..

Dallas SCI show 17 – 20 January , Lax-a booth 2407, this is what we can offer you in Greenland and Iceland.. Greenland , Caribou Hunting , Musk Ox hunting , Arctic Hares , some wing shooting , King Eider shooting, Arctic Charr river fishing and Salt water fishing for various species , Greenland is packet with Action. Iceland , …

Dallas Safari Club International Show ..

SCI Dallas show starting to day and we / Lax-a are there at booth 2407 , please swing by and learn about our great adventure in Greenland and Iceland 🙂 Show will be from to day Thursday until late afternoon on Sunday , Arni arnibald@lax-a.is Mobile +354 898 3601