Canyons of Stora Laxa

The beat 4 of Stora Laxa is probably one of the most unique places in Iceland and for anglers, they have this fascinating view for themselves in peace and quiet. Peace and quiet is underrated today as so many places in the world are crowded, even places in Iceland that were some years ago close to empty are now filled with tourists. This is one of the things that fishing in Iceland brings, privacy with nature. In general, fishing gives you that, the inner peace where you have time to log out from everything and just enjoy the moment.

The beat 4 brings that feeling to another level. Complete peace and the likeliest creature to run into is either a sheep or cow…. and of course thankfully and more importantly big salmon!!  You work hard every single day, in your mind you make plans to try and outsmart the salmon before it sees you, physically you work hard walking up and down the canyons and the reward, the reward is big. The view up there in the canyons is truly indescribable and photos give it more justice than words ever will. Here are a few from last summer up in the canyons.

Here is also more information on beat 4 of Stora Laxa which holds 4 rods and a self catering lodge with BBQ and Jacuzzi on a nice veranda:

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All my best,
Valgerdur Arnadottir