Breathtaking Blanda beat 3

The Blanda beat 3 is truly a well kept fly fishing secret of Iceland. The Blanda is such a magnificent and interesting river, with massive beat 1, one of the best known rivers of Iceland and to the different and more challenging long beat 3 – one of the best kept secrets, still only a few km away from the lowest beat of the river. This beat is long, full of canyons and endless space – meaning you are alone with nature and not another angler in site. This calming environment is fascinating. Fast flowing water and lots of it, still easy wading and gives the double handed rod the use it is made for. The view is stunning looking upon the big mountains surrounding the Blanda valley. Although the beat is long with many pools to explore it has superb access with car where you can park almost at any pool and walk from there.


Later in the season when the salmon has come properly up the river you can hit the jack pot and find them piling in more then willing to take the fly. This can specially happen in later part of July and until middle of August and if the fish is running it will not get past you.

During the fishing anglers can relax in the Holahvarf lodge located by the river banks and relax with full catering service and Jacuzzis on the veranda, charging the batteries for the coming day.
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Valgerdur Arnadottir