Blanda salmon in 2019

Blanda is one of the best all natural rivers in Iceland. The river has an all natural stock of salmon and has never been helped in any way.

Blanda is divided in to four beats and it has one major tributary – River Svartá which is a good salmon river on its own.

The beats in Blanda consist of the lower three beats which are in the main river and then there is beat four which is really a river on its own totally different from the other beats.

Beat 4 is gin clear and medium in size, best fished with a single rod but the lower beats are large and powerful best fished with a double handed rod and a sink tip. Beat 4 more info

Blanda beat one is one of the best stretches of salmon water you will find anywhere. The beat is known for its early going big salmon and opens on June 5th, much earlier than most of the rivers in Iceland. Late June, July when the grilse arrive the beat if often absolutely blue with salmon everywhere.

Beats three and two are in the middle part of the river, there you will find beautiful large pools perfect for the Spey Cast.

River Blanda is so diverse you would not get bored fishing it for a week – ten days with a few days on each beat.

Here are the stats from the last years in the river:

2009 – 2413 salmon
2010 – 2777 salmon
2011 – 2032 salmon
2012 – 832 salmon
2013 – 2611 salmon
2014 – 1931 salmon
2015 – 4829 salmon
2016 – 2386 salmon
2017 – 1433 salmon
2018 – 870 salmon

Ten year average = 2215 salmon

We have a few rods left on all beats in 2019, i would certainly recommend giving it a try.

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