Blanda going strong – new numbers!

Blanda river is one of the few that is a great river early season and kick starts our salmon adventure in early June. This makes it quite unique and specially given the high number of salmon caught there, not to mention how big they are. The river divides into 4 beats but beat 1 of the river produces about 85% of the salmon caught on only 4 rods, and most caught in 2 months June/July.

So far there have been caught 342 salmon on the 4 rods on beat 1 of the river since the river opened in June. There have been caught 15 salmon on beat 219 salmon on beat 3 and 14 on beat 4. What is unique about the river as well as how uneven the beats divide the number of salmon caught is how different the beats are from one another. Beat one is massive with 4 pools and a lot of action in the short distance, it is a powerful river with big water. When you come up to the upper most beat of the river, beat 4, it looks like a completely different river and there you are looking for something else, breathtaking nature is all around and you have to work harder finding the salmon up there though each one is so rewarding as you feel you are alone in Icelandic nature.

What is still great is that the beats 2,3 and 4 are self catering though the beat 1 is full catering, if you prefer full service it is possible as well to stay at the full catering lodge nearby and a full time guide.

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All my best,
Valgerdur Arnadottir