Blanda and Nordura opening news

Nino with a salmon from Nordura

Nordura opened yesterday, 4th June, a beautiful day with happy anglers and 10 salmon caught for the day. At lunchtime today two were added and a few lost.

Inga Lind with a salmon from Thvera this morning

Blanda river then opened this morning, 5th June, and at lunchtime 5 salmon have been landed.
At Thvera, which also opened this morning, 3 had been caught and 3 lost before lunch.

It is safe to say the salmon is already here in Icelandic rivers and we are expecting a great summer for the grilse this summer, as we have good news from the sea which had great conditions. So a lot to look forward to in the coming months for anglers in Iceland!

Iceland will open its borders 15th June so we are looking forward seeing our anglers this summer and thankful to be able to welcome them to Iceland where we have had great results with the pandemic, with only 2 confirmed cases in the whole country today, and the past weeks we have almost had none, thanks to the great effort of our health administration in Iceland. Anglers can arrive in Keflavik with either a certificate from home to confirm they are negative for the virus (we have more information soon on information on the certificate so it is valid by our government) or take a test at the airport and stay at a hotel overnight in Reykjavik, within 24 hours until they have the results from the test.