Blanda and Norðurá – great runs of multiyear salmon

In Iceland there are only two years left that open early June, Blanda and Norðurá. The opening in those rivers is based on the catch of early going two year salmon. How those rivers open does thus give a strong indication on the population of the multiyear salmon.

And this year they are returning in numbers not seen for decades. Blanda has been absolutely on fire with over 500 salmon (95% multiyear) caught since June 5th on four rods. Norðurá also had a magnificent start; in fact both rivers had the best start ever.

Hopefully this indicates that the population of the multiyear salmon is growing stronger. Iceland has taken stricter measures towards protection in the past years, maybe that is working or maybe it is the conditions in the ocean. Probably both i would say.

One thing is certain, if you have not tried, I strongly urge you to try beat one in river Blanda. That is truly one of the best salmon fishing on the planet.

Tight lines

Johann David –