Blanda 3 – Great value for money

An 18 km long beat and only fished with 3 rods, so plenty of space for each angler. This is an inexpensive fishing with an annual catch of 100-200 salmon, mostly caught during prime time. The fishing comes with a comfortable self catering lodge with space for up to 8 people. As an alternative, anglers can have an upgrade to the exclusive full service Blanda Lodge, located close by.

This beat is ideal for double handed rods, 13″-15″, line 9-11. All baits are allowed; reccommende flies are: Sunrise Shadow, Munroe Killer, Francis and the Icelandic Gárutúbur.

Beat III is great solo but is also an ideal addition to the other beats in the area.

Example: Fish 3 days beat 1 on Blanda and take one or two days on beat 3 or combine beat 3 with Svarta river and have up to 6 rods on two totally different rivers which you can rotate as you please. The Svarta river comes with a very nice 5 bedroom self catering lodge for up to 10 people.

For further information and bookings, please contact Lax-A staff.