Big salmon in Iceland this season

This year have been a very good year for trophy salmon in Iceland , the famous big salmon rivers of the the north have reported more salmon over 20 pounds that i ever remember in my life. Every day I hear from a guide or a fisherman or in the news that 100 cm , 104 cm , 107 cm … ( in fact salmon at 100cm is not a news anymore!!) we have had some parties fishing in Vididalsa that landed 6 salmon over 20 pounds in 3 days biggest 26 pounds . News of 20 pound + salmon landed are coming as well from many rivers that have not had salmon in this sizes for many years. Well it is so great to have them back , this is our change to get big salmon back in our rivers here in Iceland , now we are releasing them all. The biggest one landed in Iceland so far this season that i have heard of is 110cm.