Big fish Blanda river in Iceland

We got news from Blanda river this morning, so far they have caught 150 salmon on beat one, which is very good and we are exited about the coming summer. The Blanda beat one is one of my favorite rivers in Iceland to fish, not only because of great chances of catching the big one but also because it is a very charming beat which is fished with only 4 rods.

The most powerful time to fish the Blanda beat one is in June and July but because the Blanda beat one has only 4 rods the river is very booked during the season and we have very few rods open.

From experience I have learnt one of the best decisions I have made were spontanious ones. If you want to take a spontanious decision I advise you to take the rod we have available 30th June – 4th July (1rod).  In a few days you might be in Iceland fighting the big one.

Another rod we have available is the 27-31st July (1 rod).
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