Best thing about fishing

The Icelandic salmon fishing season 2011 is coming up and every one at the Lax-á office is very exited for this summer. Old timers will tell you that the worse the winter, the better the spring fishing season. If that holds true, we should be in for an excellent run this season ! The weather in Iceland has been snowing like mad, and the forcast only shows more snow to come.
But what is the best thing about fishing ?
It is the outdoors, the boat ride, the sunrises and sunsets, it‘s being over the water, it‘s the peace, the serenity, it‘s relaxing, exhilarating, exciting, calming, everything good in life, all rolled into one.
It lets you forget what toubles you for awhile, it allows you to get close to nature, and out of the concrete jungles that surround us in our daily lives. And lets not forget the thrilling moment when you reel the silvery one in.
According to,: „Search the Alpine rivers and lakes or just anywhere in Iceland and you will find some of the best angling in the region.“ So why not make your next fishing vacation Iceland ?
Invest in your soul go fishing !