Best summer moments

Now that the summer is over you look back to all the good fishing moments of the summer, seems it went by far too fast. The smile is a short while away when thinking back, most often I remember the ones I lost and think endlessly how I should have done it differently. I guess it is not the most important thought, more imporant that there will be more salmon where I will have another chance and learn from previous mistakes – that is one of the most great things about salmon fishing, you never stop learning. I also remember well the ones caught, specially the big ones I really had to fight to get to the river bank.

Remember the times when I fell in the river and got all wet, when my waiders got full of water but just kept on going, when I fell down when I was in to much of a hurry to get to the river bank – all those little moments when they were ALL worth it when the salmon finally knocking on my fly.

The picture above is from Stora Laxa this summer, I was trying to release the salmon at beat number 4 but was having trouble, my good friend caught this picture while laughing his ass off. Cannot wait to get more memories. Starting with Blanda river next June and counting.

Invest in your soul – go fishing
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