Beautiful Langadalsa

Langadalsá is a wonderful, 4 rod, fly only river located in the amazing Westfjords.

Langadalsá is an ideal choice for a small group of friends wishing to have sole use of a river and the self-catering lodge for a week. It is a perfect haven of peace and quiet which makes it one of our most sought after rivers. The average size of fish is quite impressive; around 9 lbs, but fish up to 20 lbs are seen each season. Note that all salmon over 70 cm must be realeased.
This river is enigmatic, sometimes almost brooding as it wanders unruffled along its valley, the birch covering the nearby hills, the plentyful birdlife adding to the serene setting.

Arctic char is found in the lower pools of the river, often in great numbers. These fish range up to 4 or 5 lbs and are a terrific sport on light tackle.

We have some rods available in August which is a perfect time for Langadalsa. For more information please contact:
All my best,
Valgerdur Arnadottir