Beat 4 Stora Laxá Iceland …..

Beat 4 Stora Laxá , this is the most beautiful and extreme fishing in Iceland and perhaps of the whole world. Hard work but very awarding.. here nothing is cheap you have to work for every salmon. As you wish you can drive to the different parts of the river and climb the canyons take few pools and then come back to the car and move to another area , so athletic! A great way to fish Stora Laxá beat 4 is to ask you partner to drive you way up river and then fish from early morning to the evening from the middle of the beat all the way to the lodge at the bottom of the beat ( remember to have the Jacuzzi warm and ready and some Icecold Viking beers ready when you arrive at lodge , you will indeed appreciated ) , the next day you ask your partners to drive you all the way to the top , and you leave your car at the middle section where you started fishing the day before , walk all day long until you find your car in the evening and you drive back to the lodge. This way you experience Stora Laxá and you will find the fish , you will fish places where you do not even see a foot step in the sand as no one have been there the whole season. 12 foot double handed rod , full floating line , long leader and 4 cm long Sunray Shadow , stripping as you like fast .. slow or not at all , you can also hitch the Sunray to give it a bit of wake on the water. For those that are not keen on walking there is still number of places that you can drive to with smaller comfortable walks. Arni