Autumn fishing in River Dee

Back home after some wonderful fishing at Deeside, one of the finest rivers in the world for fly fishing for salmon, where it all started some time ago and the greased line was invented and used for the first timers in fly salmon fishing.

Autumn is the time for the latest runs of salmon, and the river is in addition full of coloured fish, who become territorial and aggressive, taking the flies very easily in certain conditions. Landscape is atonising, trees changing their costumes into vivid color of browns, ochers and oranges. Fishing at dusk is a really experience by itself.

Dee is a reliable choice for those of you who think in late salmon fishing, and Lower Crathes remains as one of the most productive beat sin all the Dee if we look into salmon ratio per rod and day. We are renewing and taking bookings for next season. If you are interested please contact us for more info and pricing.


Please contact Lax-a staff for further information.