Autumn fever in Stora Laxa!

Stora Laxa is a strange river compared to the most in Iceland. Now as we near the end of the season the norm in most rivers is that the fishing declines but in Stora Laxa the opposite is true.

Now when the autumn rain hits us and the river rises the salmon that have waited in the larger glacial river Hvítá finally enter the Stora Laxa.  The angler lucky enough to be there when the runs arrive are in for a fest.

In the last few days we have had stormy weather with extreme amounts of rain and in turn the fishing in the Stora Laxa has been on fire. All beats are now giving fish and plenty of it.

Arni Baldursson caught this massive 22 pound female pictured in beat four yesterday.

We have started booking the river and all other for 2020. There is still a chance to fish beat three September 23-30th this year as we had a cancellation.

Tight lines

Johann David –