Stora Laxá news ….

I am at the Stora Laxá beat 4 at the moment , water have gone up from 5 cubic meters to 12 cubic meters , now falling again , I hope that this rise of water have produced some good runs on the lower river , up here we are catching a few fish. Tómas Sigurðsson Sonur Óbyggðanna did very …

A very nice two hours on the Tungufljot river ….

Great afternoon on the Tungufljot river , I spend couple of hours with Jonas our river keeper at the Tungufljot river this afternoon , and there was some nice two winter salmon running , with in two hours we landed 6 good salmon , I think good 6 weeks of fishing is coming up at Tungufljot river … Arni

Tungufljot fishing news ….

Salmon running Tungufljot , fish are coming in bigger numbers now , 3 landed yesterday , 6 the day before , and on Thursday and Friday landed 4 salmon each day , good news as the best time for Tungufljot is coming up now , Arni

Stora Laxá beat 4….

I am at the Stora Laxá beat 4 to day , interesting day , in the morning i hooked 6 salmon at the Lower Homepool and landed 4 , all on the riffling hitch , this all in one hour , and then no action for the rest of the day … !!! This is what makes salmon fishing so …

Open week at Sog Asgardur beat at river Sog …

All three rods and the lodge at Asgardur beat on river Sog came available 20 – 27th August , great place for get together with family and friends and have private fishing for your selfs , lodge sleeps comfortable 6 , contact Arni at Mobile +354 8983601

Stora Laxá openings ….

Stóra Laxá beat 4 latest openings , we have the exclusive beat of 4 rods and lodge , dates are 14 – 17th August , 24 – 27th September , we have also the beat 3 available exclusive 2 rods and lodge for a week 5 – 11th September , contact Arni Mobile +354 8983601

Stora Laxá in Low Water ….

Jóhannes Hinriksson just called me , he and friends are fishing Stora Laxá beat 1 and 2 in historical low water , BUT still they have hooked 9 salmon , landed 5 and lost 4 , this i 1 full day , well done and amazing that there is still salmom stuggeling up the river in this conditions , rain …

Big Laxá beat NES , 1 rod opening for 3 days ….

Big Laxá up north NES BEAT , the hoem of the biggest Salmon in Iceland, 1 rod cancellation available from noon the 15th August to noon the 18th August , could be combined with another 3 days on the East Ranga , contact Arni at Mobile +354 898 3601

Latest East Rangá openings ….

East Rangá latest openings , we have 4 rods open from 16th August until 22nd August , 2 rods open from 22nd August until 28th August and 4 rods open from 28th August until 4th September , all noon to noon , you can take either 3 days or 6 days period , East Rangá is now at 2300 Salmon …