Stora Laxá openings ….

Stóra Laxá beat 4 latest openings , we have the exclusive beat of 4 rods and lodge , dates are 14 – 17th August , 24 – 27th September , we have also the beat 3 available exclusive 2 rods and lodge for a week 5 – 11th September , contact Arni Mobile +354 8983601

Stora Laxá in Low Water ….

Jóhannes Hinriksson just called me , he and friends are fishing Stora Laxá beat 1 and 2 in historical low water , BUT still they have hooked 9 salmon , landed 5 and lost 4 , this i 1 full day , well done and amazing that there is still salmom stuggeling up the river in this conditions , rain …

Big Laxá beat NES , 1 rod opening for 3 days ….

Big Laxá up north NES BEAT , the hoem of the biggest Salmon in Iceland, 1 rod cancellation available from noon the 15th August to noon the 18th August , could be combined with another 3 days on the East Ranga , contact Arni at Mobile +354 898 3601

Latest East Rangá openings ….

East Rangá latest openings , we have 4 rods open from 16th August until 22nd August , 2 rods open from 22nd August until 28th August and 4 rods open from 28th August until 4th September , all noon to noon , you can take either 3 days or 6 days period , East Rangá is now at 2300 Salmon …

Hallá river up north at no water … still fun to fish !

Family trip on the tiny little Halla river up north , never ever seen it so low in water … in fact very funny to fish , and we caught a one fish on a micro frances … my grand daughter Matthilda did the job well , there are fish hiding here and there with their head under a stone …

A very special day on the Stora Laxá beat 4 ….

Yesterday was a very special day on Stora Laxá beat 4 , me and Vala had a romantic evening and a day of fishing , great weather some nice fish , BBQ and fireplace and great sleep in the old historic Mountain hut , you have to try this it is unique experience .. alone with the best of nature …

Indian summer in Iceland !!!!

Indian summer in Iceland , day after day temperatures at 15 – 20 on Celsius, making the fishing so difficult , most rivers are far to low , we need rain and that soon , forecast is rain after the weekend but will that be enough!  Arni

River Sog , Asgardur beat

Now we are at Sog Asgardur , weather is very warm and sunny , not the best for fishing but we are catching fish , yesterday afternoon we landed 5 salmon , Arni

The new building at the East Ranga lodge is completed ..

Picture is  from the new building section of the East Ranga lodge working so well now , we have also made great improvements on the dining rooms and sitting rooms , and starting with the bedrooms as well ,  Arni

West Ranga fishing news …

West Ranga now at 3200 salmon , for this time of year it must be the best catches from the beginning on West Rangá …. Arni