Amazing days in Stora Laxa beat 1 and 2

The past days have just been amazing in the Stora Laxa beat 1 and 2. Yesterday 48 salmon were caught in one day on only 2 rods, there of 18 were caught on the morning shift. We also heard from anglers on beat 3 that were catching salmon.

Today we heard from Arni Baldursson who was fishing Stora Laxa beat 1 and 2 this morning. Salmon was all over the beat and he and fellow anglers caught 28 salmon this morning, there of was one 96cm salmon. He told us there is a lot of salmon on the beat and comparing to the number of salmon caught on this beat over the passed days the upper beats must be doing good as well. This makes 76 salmon in 1.5 days on Stora Laxa beat 1 and 2.

The prime time in Stora Laxa is in August / September – we still have a few available rods this year so please contact for more information on the river and available rods.