Adventurous Greenland ….

Our Camp in Greenland is now open and the first guests arriving,  all rivers have plenty water and the fish is already running up the rivers.  We are planning to have the camp open until late September.  You can fly direct from Iceland to Narsarssuaq  every Tuesday and Saturday , so you can choose either 3 days trip , 4 days trip of a full week 7 days trip.    We still have a few openings in July , August and September ,  so if you still have some spare time you could join us in Greenland,  or if you are salmon fishing with us here in Iceland you could add on few days in Greenland to complete the adventure in the Arctic!  As for the hunting we do have always plenty of Caribou available ,  and we still have 3 Musk Ox available on the West Coast of Greenland. Please contact us for any further information , and