Adventure in Stora Laxa

I headed up to Stora Laxa on Saturday with my friend and Lax-a guide Binni who knows the river well to meet up with my father, Arni and Gunni in Stora Laxa beat 4. This was the first time I fished beat 4, in the first minutes of casting I fell in love with the beat, the nature is breathtaking in the canyons and the gin clear water makes the place even more fascinating.

Sunday morning we woke up and started fishing at 10 in the morning, within 4 hours we had caught 4 salmon on only one rod and lost one salmon. I cannot explain how thrilled I was after the morning shift, not only was my first time at this stunning beat but it was a huge success with all the salmon caught. All of the salmon were so beautyful and full of power, it felt so good to release them after we landed them and took a few pictures.


After lunch we headed to beat 1&2 at Stora Laxa, they had been catching so many salmon there the past days it is unbelievable, 40 and 48 salmon days only on 4 rods. In the evening shift we caught 7 salmon and lost 4 on one rod. The following morning we caught 4 and lost 4 as well. Total of 1.5 days at Stora Laxa we caught 16 salmon and lost 9 on one rod. I can say, still smiling, I had the best weekend for a very long time and lots of great memories I can hold on to, I cannot wait to get back to Stora Laxa and am quite sure that will be soon.


I would really recommend combining beat 1&2 and beat 4 at Stora Laxa, try both, although they are on the same river they are so different from one another.

The prime time in Stora Laxa is NOW – August and September, we still have few open rods available on this prime time. For more information on the river and open rods please contact:
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