A letter from a friend

We just got a letter from Manuel Plösser, and with his permission we decided to post it on our website – it’s such a joyful letter:

Lost ! – this word could have different meenings in german but for me it´s something totally clear !
I lost my heart for salmonfishing and to Iceland !
When I was a little boy , I was always dreaming of becoming a fisherman and catch the king of fish – a salmon !
Well some years later I managed to make my dream come true and started fly-fishing for salmon.
I got in contact with the team Lax-a and they organized my first trip to the WEST RANGA in Iceland – well it is worth to say that I completely felt in love with this river ! !

The picture is taken in front of the west ranga lodge and shows me with a nice female –The fish was taken on the most ugliest fly on the planet – a red francis . It was one more time the Homepool there I got this nice fish.
I´m really looking forward for the upcoming season – I guess that I will be seen there again this year (hopefully!!! ), – because a year without a fishing trip is a bad year !!!
For everybody who haven´t decided yet – I would choose the earlier dates in juli :
The fishing is fantastic and there is always a chance of hooking a big one ! let´s get ready…