A great man is gone …………….. Kiddi 12th January 1955 – 14th March 2018

Our Kiddi ( Kristinn Gunnarsson ) has left us. Kiddi passed away a few days ago after fighting with aggressive cancer. What a tragedy to loose such a great man at just over 60 years of age. Kiddi worked for Lax-a for more than 30 years, top fisherman, people´s person, great guide and a great man that was always there for us willing to help, 110% loyalty at all times. Kiddi was the man to trust, when we asked him to do work for us, there were no doubts, Kiddi did his utmost at all times and delivered always happy clients / anglers from all over the world. We are facing a great loss, a person that has been so joyful amongst us for such a long time now taken away far too early. From all people on this planet it is Kiddi … strong Kiddi, we never ever even thought that he would be leaving so soon and by cancer. Kiddi won all battles up until now, this was the last battle and unfortunately now lost. I, Vala and all the Lax-a family sends Kiddi‘s family our sincere condolences at this difficult time. May this good man find some great rivers to fish and beautiful hills to shoot on his onward journey. We all miss you so much my friend, you were the solid rock in all our lives, keep well my friend, Arni, Big Vala, Little Vala, Gunnhildur and all of us in the office and guides and staff in the field and lodges, you made our lives better.