Robert Harper reports from the Dee

Robert Harper is the ghillie at our Lower Crathes beat on Dee river in Scotland
“I am happy with season over all at this point. The first two months I had hoped to be a little better following the cold snowy winter but at least we are still seeing good spring fish again.

Water levels stayed good through later spring because of snow melt, giving a reasonable April and May.

Our summer months as with the past few years have fished well because of water levels each year we think the summer will come dry and hot, no water, no fish, but again this year water levels have stayed good, thankfully. The figures show if we were to get a dry summer numbers would take a real tumble, lets hope that doesn’t happen for a while yet.

Rain is forecast for next few days, if this happens and temperatures stay down we have the possibility of having a good last month and a half, fresh fish still coming in, last week being the best week of the season here on Lower Crathes, hoping for a little more water too see us through to end of season.”

Robert Harper


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