Statistics from East Ranga 2009

It´s alway fun to play with numbers from catch statistics from the salmon rivers, you can find incredible outcoms such as here below. You can see catches, week by week from East Ranga. The final number this year was lower then past 3 years, however it was a really good season in the river, weather conditions were sometimes pretty hard, the river got chocolate coloured a lot, but when she cleared out the fishing was fantastic, we have started to book in for season 2010.

Date                           Catches/p/Week                   Total in the river

1st July                          12 salmon                               12 salmon

8th July                         63 salmon                              75 salmon

15th July                       161 salmon                           236 salmon

22nd July                     235 salmon                            471 salmon

29th July                      324 salmon                           795 salmon

5th Aug                         447 salmon                         1242 salmon

12th Aug                       540 salmon                         1782 salmon

19th Aug                       535 salmon                         2317 salmon

26th Aug                      460 salmon                         2777 salmon

2nd Sept                      406 salmon                         3183 salmon

9th Sept                       302 salmon                        3485 salmon

16th Sept                     167 salmon                         3652 salmon

30th sept                     337 salmon                        3989 salmon

Final catches for the past 3 years was following..

2008 – 7013

2007 – 7447

2006 – 2475

All further information for East Ranga, please contact Lax-a staff