Catch statistics from Lax-a Asum

The legendary river Lax-a in Asum gained it´s hights again this season signing in as the best fishing river with rods vs catches. This 2 rod river was really on fire this summer and a chat I had with local farmers earlier in October indicated that next season will be similar, even better. Alot of fish was in the river during the end for the past 3 years, giving the smalts a good chance of surving and returning strong to the river. Here below you can read catches per week season 2009.

Date                    Catch per week                  Total catches

8th July.                       47                                     47

15th July                      62                                    109

22nd July                   194                                   303

29th July                    161                                   464

5th Aug                       183                                   647

12th Aug                     120                                   767

19th Aug                     130                                   897

26thAug                     106                                  1003

2nd sept                     102                                  1105

9th sept                       37                                   1142