2018 Iceland and Greenland fishing news letter ..

Winter getting very short now and will be over before we know and the spring will be here with us soon and the big silvers rushing up our rivers,   below is some of our prime fishing openings for next season 2018.  Please note that some rivers is full service and some rivers is self catering ,  by sharing a rod you can save a lot of money as then each person pays 50% of the fishing, 12 hours of fishing in Iceland so there is lot´s of hours to share.

Greenland is magic ,  12 different pristine rivers , wonderful camp.  Eur: 2.950.- pr. angler pr. trip.
https://www.lax-a.net/greenland-fishing/   open dates is ( Thuesday to Saturday )
10th July to 14th July
17th July to 21st July
24th July to 28th July
31st July to 04th August

Blanda beat 1.
Blanda beat 1 is Iceland best spring fishing option , exclusive to 4 rods only and we land normally 1000 to 1500 salmon in season from this single beat , best time is June and July and early part of August. We have the following openings for 2018.
21st June to 25th June 4 rods
14th July to 19th July 4 rods
31st July to 5th August  4 rods

Blanda beat 2.  4 rods fishing both banks 25km of water.  Great value self catering
12th August to 18th August  4 rods

Blanda beat 3.  3 rods fishing both banks 23km of water.  Great value
10th July to 14th July  3 rods
31st July to 06th August 3 rods

Blanda beat 4.  3 rods fishing both banks 18 km of water.  One of Iceland best Salmon fishing.
24th to 30th June
13th August to 18th August

Leyrvogsa , the best little river in Iceland ,  2 rods only for the entire river.
08th July to 11th July , 2 rods
30th July to 05th August , 2 rods


Svarta. 4 rods . Self catering
17th July to 23rd July 4 rods
05th August to 11th August 4 rods
14th August to 20th August

East Ranga , always on the top 1 to 5 on the list in Iceland over the best Salmon rivers.
5th August t 11th July  4 rods
20th July to 26th July 3 rods
29th July to 02nd August 4 rods
16th August to 21st August 3 rods
25th August to 31st August 2 rods

West Ranga ,  most years no 1 the best salmon river in Iceland.
26th July to 02nd August  2 rods
04th August to 09th August 2 rods

Stora Laxá , the most beautiful river in Iceland ,  big fish, 4 rods.  Great value self catering
Stora Laxá beat 1 and 2 , 
4 rods , 24th July to 30th July and 14th August to 20th August.
Stora Laxá beat 3
, 2 rods , 21st to 27th july and 24th to 30th August
Stora Laxá beat 4
, 4 rods , 9th to 15th July and 18th August to 24th August

Langadalsa ,  exclusive to 4 rods , comfortable 8 bedroom lodge.
21st  July to 27th July , 4 rods
10th August to 16th August , 4 rods

Sog Asgardur , 3 rods, the best friends and family place , 3 bedroom lodge. Great value self catering
10th July to 16th July , 3 rods
5th August to the 11th August , 3 rods.

For Greenland contact Karl at karl@lax-a.is
For Iceland contact Arni at
arnibald@lax-a.is and Johann David at jds@lax-a.is