Two top Argentinian rivers

The season in southern Argentina for the giant Sea trout is still several months away. But don’t think for one minute that you can wait for December to roll around to book one of the these two great rivers. Most of the openings will be booked already by anglers who fished Tierra Del Fuego and Santa Cruz, Argentina this past season and booked next year before they left camp. These spots are simply too good to wait. The Rio Grande and Rio Gallegos are, by far, the best waters in the world for the monster Sea run Browns reaching upwards of 25+ pounds.

The current world record is on the Rio Grande but we would fish either river at the drop of a hat. Accommodations on both rivers are awesome and the cuisine and service world class. This is trout fishing as good as it gets and its easy to figure out why they remain two of my all time favorite destinations. NOW is the time to book your encounter with the greatest trout challenge and thrill ever imagined. I will be happy to help and to answer any all questions. Hope to see you down there.


Lax-a Team