Last year was a record year in Hvannadalsa with 304 salmon caught on three rods. With Lax-a releasing smolts there since 2004, has really improved the fishing through the years. Now the river has many fans and several groups of people that come there every year and don’t want to miss out as they find it so delightful to fish Hvannadalsa. The river is gin clear so you can spot the salmon in most of the places and you will for sure find some great fighters as the salmon in Hvannadalsa is known to be husky and thick.

This is a 3 rod river, beautifully located in a very unique and remote place, great for those who prefer relaxed and private fishing. The fishing comes with a cosy self catering lodge, located on the riverbank. The lodge is comfortable with 4 twin rooms, one bathroom and a full equipped kitchen.

Ideal combination: The Hvannadalsá combines great with any of our fine rivers but Laugardalsá and Langadalsá are very close by which makes it ideal to combine one of those rivers (or both) with the fishing in Hvannadalsa.

Location: Westfjords (350 km from Reykjavik) – 40 min drive from Holmavik.
Fishing season: June 20th to September 20th
Average size of fish: 9 lbs.
Tackle: Single handed rods 9-10”, weight 7-9, floating line
Bait: All bait allowed
Best flies: Hitch tubes, Black Sheep, Micro tubes and Collie Dog
For availability and prices, please contact Lax-á staff