Water Please!

This has been a strange summer indeed in Iceland. We are used to rainy summer days and a lot of them, but this summer it has hardly rained at all. In some parts of the country hardly a drop of rain has fallen since June. As a consequence the rivers are suffering with water levels at an all-time low.

Some of the guides joke about having to go upstream and pee in the river to get a little flow of water. It will be a feast for the lucky anglers that are at the river when it finally starts to rain.

Even with the low water, not everything is lost. There is still fish to be had but the fishing is indeed harder. We just heard from anglers finishing fishing in river Svartá. They had 9 salmon, all big ones except for one grilse. Pictured is a nice 90cm Svartá salmon.

When the fishing is slow it sure helps when 95% of the catch is large salmon.

Tight lines

Johann David – jds@lax-a.is