Trout and Salmon paradise only a short flight away

In recent years tourism in Iceland has bloomed and as a result it has never been as convenient or easy to reach our beautiful island.

We used to have only one carrier and prices to match but now there are many airlines flying in to Iceland and fares can be „cheap as chips“.

If you want to pop over the pond we can always find you some good value fishing on a short notice.  A self-catering lodge with two rods in a good brown trout river is only 280 euros per night total.

Connections from the UK alone are now plentiful from many cities. Various airlines now fly from those cities with a flight time of 2- 3 hours.

London – Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton

Manchester, Bristol

Dublin, Belfast

Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen.

We look forward to see you in Iceland!

Johann David –