Three rivers in one trip

We have only two rods available in prime time in Blanda I, July 9-11th. Those dates in Blanda have for the past years provided some of the best fishing available in Iceland. All other prime dates are sold out.

It is possible to combine the fishing in Blanda with two other lovely rivers in the region which would make for an exellent trip. Those three rivers are totally different in shape and quantity of water, with Hallá being a small river, Svartá somewhat in the middle and Blanda a very large river in Icelandic standards. You would fish three rivers in one trip, but stay the whole time in the full service lodge in Hólahvarf. The lodge is only about 20 minutes from the rivers.

You would start by fishing the small gin clear Hallá river for one or two days.Hallá is best suited for light tackle, single rod, line 6-8 and small flies even micro hitch. In Hallá you are in very close proximity to the salmon and have to sneak up to the pools to avoid spooking the salmon.

Then you would move over to the lovely Svartá, which is a perfect fly fishing river. The river which is a tributuary to Blanda is gin clear and medium in size, known for large salmon. Fishable area is 25km with numerous pools perfectly suited for fly fishing.

Last but not least we have river Blanda Beat I – prime dates. Beat one which is the lowest part of the river has been one of the most productive salmon beats in the country for the past summers.  Blanda is a large river which is best suited for heavier tackle, double handed rod 13-15 lines 9-11.The river is large and heavy flowing, known for its large powerful salmons. It is vital to come well prepared when you take on the residents of Blanda, the salmon are big and fight hard and know how to use the current to their advantage.

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