The perfect trout fishing – Þingvallavatn

Fishing is going strong at lake Þingvallavatn and many trout have been caught so far. This lake is located in our national park in beautiful surroundings, it is a very big lake with many good fishing spots but it is very important to know where to go. Our guides know the area well and the other day one of them caught a 30 pound trout ! It is just amazing to fight these big trouts but that is what the lake is known for – the biggest trouts in Iceland. The prime time for this fishing is May so the fishing is going very strong now.

If you have a little free time it is perfect for coming by now and do the troutfishing of a lifetime, many airlines are flying to Iceland this time so it is very easy to get here. If you do not have the time I recommend planning in advance for May 2015, we have already started taking bookings.

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All my best,
Valgerdur Arnadottir