The old fishing hut at Stora Laxá , Hrunakrókur canyons and pools.

The old romantic historical fishing hut at beat 4 on the Hrunakrokur pool on Stora Laxá river. This old hut is now around 72 years old and was built by the Icelandic fishing club FLUGAN ( The fishing club Fly ) , few years ago Lax-a and the Landowners on Stora Laxá rebuilt the hut from scratch. It is amazing place to be over night or two when you are fishing beat 4 on Stora Laxá , inhaling the old times on this beautiful river , relaxing and read the old books that are kept there and old fishing magazine , enjoying looking at old fishing tackle and pictures from decades ago when the old masters where casting their classic flies on Stora Laxá pools. There is a Museum at farm Solheimar on the banks at Stora Laxá beat 3, there is kept for display lots of old flies , rods and reels together with other items from this old times, here is the link to the museum , Esther Gudjonsdottir and Joi is the owners of the museum , Esther e mail is , contact them for an appointment. I urge you to spend a night or two up there and empty your mind , there is also very good pools just in walking distance from the hut. There is a sleeping accommodation for 3 persons , fireplace to keep you warn and cozy, experience you will not forget. Arni