The most beautiful beat in the world?

In Stóra Laxá beat four the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. Gin clear river flowing through spectacular canyons. The salmon is easy to spot but chances are that if you see the salmon he has already spotted you long before.

And usually a spooked salmon is not willing to fall for any fly in your arsenal.  Therefore it is always best to refrain from the temptation of looking over the cliff to inspect the pool. Cast first, and try all the flies your patience allows.  Then look but do not despair if you were only practicing your cast on empty water, there is always the next pool.

The prime time in Stóra Laxá beat 4 is in the beginning of the season, the big ones are the first to arrive and they run straight up river to beat 4. I cannot recommend Stóra beat 4 highly enough; it is probably one of the most beautiful places to fish in the world.

We have a limited number of slots available for the summer.

Tight Lines

Johann David –