The largest salmon caught in Iceland in 2014

To us fishermen size matters. We are always after that large one – the trophy fish of our dreams.

In Iceland a few of those monsters are caught every year, sadly they are less common now than in the good old days. But there is hope, with catch and release more widely practiced the large ones are returning.

Many over the coveted 20 pound mark where caught last summer in Iceland but the largest one caught has an interesting story behind it (as if it wouldn’t!).

The fish was caught in the river Sog and measured a whopping 119 cm which should amount to about a 35 pound fish. The fish was caught on a 10 ft. single hander and the fly was the lethal Sunray Shadow cone.

Unfortunately the fisherman forgot his camera in his car and he was fishing alone. Therefore he had no proof of the monster fish other than his good word. But what was he supposed to do? Kill it? Of course not, he showed absolute model behavior and we congratulate him on catching the fish of his dreams and returning it unharmed.

The fish probably spawned last autumn and in a few years’ time perhaps a few of his offsprings will return to the river just as big as their salmon mother.

A trophy fish on the wall might prove your story but it will never provide your fellow anglers with the excitement of catching the fish of their dreams.