The first salmon

I love the sport of fishing; it can truly be a family sport. I am lucky because my wife loves to go fishing and now my eldest son is very enthusiastic about the sport.

I have in the past taken him with me in the autumn to fish for the hatchery and he caught a 90cm salmon at age five.

Still in Iceland that does not count as the first salmon. The first salmon in Iceland is called „Maríulax“and that has to be a salmon caught in a proper way, preferably in the height of summer.

Last weekend i had the chance to go fishing in a tiny little river, hardly more than a creek. Perfect River for my seven year old. When we got there we saw at least twenty salmon in the two pools that held the most water.

My son tried, and nothing. This was too delicate and very difficult to get close without spooking the fish. We almost crawled to the next pool to arrive unseen. And… Behold. There was a bite, and a short fight. My son had gotten his „Maríulax“ and his smile was absolutely genuine. Soon after he even got another, now he asks his old man constantly: „dad when we will go salmon fishing again? “

Tight Lines

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