The first salmon river to open in Iceland

Beat 1 at Blanda river is the first salmon river to open in Iceland, it will kick start the salmon season the 5th June. This river is amongst the most known and popular rivers in Iceland, specially beat  1. It is a very powerful long river that holds very big and powerful salmon. The beat 1 has only 4 rods but far most of the salmon are caught on this beat of the river which makes it the most productive beat of the river. Last year 2611 salmon were caught and most of them at beat 1 – while viewing these numbers it should be kept in mind that beat 1 is usually only fished for a about 60 days!

It is always well booked in advance so there are very few open rods left for the season, many even started booking for 2015.

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Valgerdur Arnadottir