The first days of the season

I think most anglers here in Iceland can agree with me when saying that the first two rivers have had commendable openings. First four and days at Norðurá produced 24 salmon on eight rods and river Blanda produced fifteen salmon on four rods.

These are not numbers that go into the record books but very pleasing considering the below average season last year. It is also noticeable that all the salmon caught so far have been over 70cm and in very good condition, fat and powerful.
The writer himself had the privilege of fishing two days at Norðurá River and had four good salmon on the rod. As you can see on the pictures these are beautiful early season fish. After this first fishing trip of the season, I am optimistic of a good salmon season 2015.
Please enjoy a short video from to trip HERE and a few pictures here below.
Jóhann Torfi