The best Char fishing in Greenland

The Char fishing in Greenland is just something else! We have many rivers located near the camp and one of the best rivers is just situated a few minutes walking distance from the camp. Here we have untouched nature where you hardly see a footstep on the river banks, this is because of the huge territory and relatively few inhabitants that many of these fishing areas are hardly fished at all, some rivers have not seen an angler – ever!

There is plenty of char from 1-7 lbs+ that are on a voluntary catch and release basis, this is fished mostly with light tackle. The abundance of Arctic char and the magnificent nature truly makes this a fishing paradise.

During the fishing anglers stay in our new lodge built in 2012, this is the first ever permanent hunting- and fishing camp in Greenland. The camp has sauna, showers and a fully equipped kitchen. Most of the menu originates in the area – caribou meat, artic char and fish from the sea.

Get on the adventure and join us in Greenland for this summer. For more information please contact:

All my best,
Valgerður Arnadottir